What follows is a small sample of works Amy has edited.


  • From Protest to Challenge, Vol. 6, by Gail Gerhart and Clive Glaser
  • Tabloid Journalism in South Africa: True Story! by Herman Wasserman
  • Il Trittico, Turandot, and Puccini's Late Style by Andrew Davis
  • Berbers and Others: Beyond Tribe and Nation in the Maghrib by Katherine E. Hoffman and Susan G. Miller
  • Decoding the U.S. Corporate Tax by Daniel Shaviro
  • Public Housing and the Legacy of Segregation by Margery Austin Turner, Susan J. Popkin, and Lynette Rawlings
  • The Excellent Powder: DDT's Scientific and Political History by Donald Roberts and Richard Tren


  • A Critique of the 'Food Miles' Perspective
  • Louisiana's Performance in the New Knowledge Economy
  • From BIDs to RIDs: Creating Residential Improvement Districts
  • Making Hurricane Response More Effective: Lessons from the Private Sector and the Coast Guard During Katrina
  • Sarbanes-Oxley and Innovation by Public Companies
  • Everyman's Deficit: Spending Beyond Our Means
  • California Disconnect: A Critical Assessment of California’s IT Strategic Plan


  • Tips For Renting A Vacation House
  • Summer: Time For Teaching Your Kids About Money
  • The Importance of Asset Location
  • Drawbacks of Travel Reward Programs
  • How To Land A Finance Job Straight Out Of Undergrad
  • Buying Real Estate in Today's Market