Here's what some of Amy's many satisfied clients have to say about her work.

“Discovering a dependable and talented freelance writer just makes life so much easier. Amy is both of these things and more -- she’s punctual, consistent, creative, positive and professional.

She has never missed a deadline (in fact she often turns work in early) and I love that she’s always thoughtful and open to any revision requests (which have been few and far between).

I know that Amy is capable of making typically dry topics (think insurance and financial tips) seem interesting and lively, and I suspect she can present just about any subject in an engaging way.

I’m glad to know Amy and wholeheartedly recommend her writing services.”

-C. Moore, managing editor

"Amy is a fiercely smart, thorough, fast and enormously versatile writer. At Investopedia she has handled a wide range of topics. She is especially good at describing complex subjects in clear, concise and very readable language. She meets her deadlines, is easy to work with and is immensely helpful. I inherited Amy when I took on this job and I give her as much work as she can handle. Her copy is clean, correct and very well written."

-J. Kagan, personal finance editor

"Amy is easily the best copyeditor I have worked with in the last decade. For, Amy edits and formats all articles for both the online and print versions of the Freeman magazine. She is diligent, detailed, fast, and flexible, adapting to different style guides and house-style variations as needed. It gives me great comfort to work with such a reliable professional."

-B.K. Marcus, managing editor

"Your life just got better and you don't even know it yet. Why? You've come across Ms. Amy Fontinelle. I've had the pleasure and benefit of working with Amy on a variety of projects for the last few years. She has never disappointed and frequently delights me and my colleagues with her professionalism, attention to detail, and ability to consistently make our good work into great work. 

"I've worked with Amy as a proofreader, editor, writer, and consultant. As a university-based research center, my organization has a variety of audiences that we reach out to on a regular basis. From blog posts to policy briefs to academic papers, Amy's knowledge and thoughtfulness have improved all of these works. My colleagues ask for her by name when they need a sharp reader. She's also helped me improve as a project manager with her patience, careful questions, and guiding experience.

"My biggest concern for you is that she will ruin all other freelancers, as you will inevitably compare them to her and find them lacking. If you're lucky enough to get her to work with you, you're lucky indeed."

-C. Horpedahl, managing editor and project manager

"The only way that I could write a better recommendation of Amy Fontinelle's work would be if she edited it. A superb editor who is equally talented at substantive and detailed editing, Amy delivers her work on time and on budget. Her thoughtful criticisms and subtle edits have strengthened many an argument and saved more than a few papers. Add to that she is a delight with whom to work.

"Though it goes against my personal interest of having her devoted solely to my whims, I recommend Amy without reservation to anyone who needs a skilled, curious, and in all ways awesome editor."

-J. Zambone, managing editor

“I have worked with dozens of writers, researchers, and editors. There is simply no one as dedicated to her craft as Amy Fontinelle. And, perhaps even more important, she manages to pass on her insights and improvements in a way that makes the rest of us mere mortals feel welcomed and helped. If you have an important project that requires thoughtful attention to detail and to your overall mission, you are doing yourself a disservice if you do not give Amy Fontinelle a call.”

-M. Reid, marketing consultant and project manager

"Amy provided educational financial articles for me for several years at Investopedia. She was always a 'go-to' writer who never missed a deadline and always produced high quality work. I would hire Amy again in a heartbeat, and I hope to be able to work with her again."

-E. Joyce, web content editor

"Working as an editor with Investopedia for the past couple of years, I can say with confidence that Amy is one of my best writers. Her work is superb, educational, easy to read, easy to understand, easy on the mind, while at the same time consumed with factual knowledge. Her work ethics are highly commendable. She is never late on her delivery, she constantly communicates to ensure both parties are on the same page when it comes to a topic of interest, she's highly professional in her communication, she receives feedback beautifully, and she's easy to work with. Anyone that gets to work with Amy will get to experience what it is to work with an awesome writer. I wouldn't trade her for any other writer out there, and Investopedia is truly lucky to have her on its team."

-O. Momoh, senior financial analyst

"Amy is simply one of our best writers — consistent, professional, good clean copy that barely needs editing. Excellent attitude, good communication."

-E. Hong, managing editor

"Amy Fontinelle is our production manager for the Journal of Private Enterprise, the refereed economics journal that I edit. She corresponds with authors, edits and formats their article, and gets the entire issue formatted and ready for publication in print and online. She is timely, diligent, shows strong attention to detail, and has an excellent command of the English language. She is fast and flexible, and I highly recommend her."

-E. Stringham, editor, Journal of Private Enterprise

"Amy has worked for years smoothing and polishing FEE's web and print content. She has more than an eye for detail, she also asks good questions and adapts to editorial standards. She'll also spot the thing no one else spots, which can cause you potential embarrassment. You will find in Amy a seasoned professional."

-M. Borders, editor, The Freeman

"I have contracted for Amy's services for four years, and have always found her work to be exemplary. She is professional, thoughtful, and able to work with challenging deadlines. I recommend Amy for copy editing work."

-V. Vasquez, senior policy analyst

"I am very pleased with the quality of work Amy provides. She has copy-edited several academic papers for me, and I am planning to use her services again in the future. She was very professional, met or exceeded all deadlines and was proactive to make recommendations that helped me improve my papers significantly, even beyond what was expected from her. She is also very friendly and easy to work with. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a top quality copy-editor."

-B. Nikolaev, economist